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Tapada de Coelheiros


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Herdade de Coelheiros, a family estate, has been producing high quality wines in Alentejo since 1991. Located in Igrejinha, in the Arraiolos municipality, it shares the philosophy of the art of the famous handmade tapestries: the embroidery in the smallest point known, from which emerges a detailed and rigorous design. (Arraiolos Tapestry — Teresa Pacheco Pereira) This is how the wines from Coelheiros are born: from each vineyard plot, blend to blend, a composition that is woven in a deep connection with land and nature. 

The State


Coelheiros embodies classic Alentejo, with a quaint landscape, diverse ecosystem and traditional culture of the region. The estate, inserted in the demarcated region of Alentejo (DOC), stretches over 800ha, consisting of 50ha of vineyards, a 40ha walnut orchard and a vast area of cork forest, where sheep and deer graze freely. The rich biodiversity includes an olive grove, a lake and other animals such as deers, ducks, hares and rabbits. 

The Winery


Our philosophy is to apply minimal intervention, and allow the natural environment to ensure that varieties can reach their full potential. Located a few meters from the vineyard, the cellar is equipped with the necessary technology to ensure quality. Grapes from each plot are fermented separately and blends are selected according to each wine’s profile.

The Cork Forest


The estate has about 600ha of cork trees where the sobreiro, an oak specie of great longevity with a capacity for regeneration, prevails. The cork is extracted every nine years without any tree being cut, giving origin to a multitude of products, from traditional corks to other more innovative ones. 

The Walnut Orchard


The walnut orchard was planted between 1985 and 1999. With about 40ha, the orchard was one of the first scale plantations in the Iberian Peninsula and is now recognized for its excellence.

The Animals


The estate also rears a large herd of sheep, which freely graze in the forest. The herd is treated with care and fed with natural products, guaranteeing the authenticity of the flavors and the protection of nature. In addition, the estate also has deer, rabbits, hare and duck in the wild. 

The Vineyards


The vineyards are divided into seven small plots, at an average altitude of 300m, where the vines develop their full potential amongst native flora and fauna. The typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm and dry summers, combined with soils of granitic origin allows the grapes to mature well and confers unique profile to each parcel. Our vineyards are currently in the process of being converted to organic farming.